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Railway Street Norfolk Square

Railway Street
Old Co-op Building
Norfolk Square

Norfolk Square
Boots Opticians
23 High Street West
Card Cabin
21 High Street West
Boots Chemist
17-19 High Street West
The current art deco style building was built in 1930 for the Glossop Co-operative Society, earlier town maps dating from C19 show a collection of properties occupying the same footprint.

Post Office Derbyshire Directory
Harrison Levi, draper & grocer, Norfolk square
Longson Robert, tailor, woolen & linen draper, Norfolk sq
Sykes William, grocer, Norfolk square

Numbers 1-11 ? Norfolk Square was recorded as 2 house/shops occupied by William Gigerson 37, a Draper, wife Martha A Gigerson 37, a Milliner and neice Olive Neal 16, also a Milliner. Also at this address were Emily B Hitchen 19, an Apprentice Milliner and Emma Bingham 21, a Domestic Servant.
The Cooperative Store was recorded as 2 uninhabited shops.
Number 6 Norfolk Square was occupied by Charles Schofield 55, a Letter Press Printer employing 1 boy, wife Margaret Schofield 50, son Alfred E Schofield 20, a Printer Compositor, daughters Mary E Schofield 18, a Cotton Weaver, Ann Schofield 11, a Scholar and Boarder George L Heath 22, a Bankers Clerk.
Number 7 Norfolk Square was occupied by William Sykes 44, a Green Grocer, wife Hannah Sykes, 41, son Samuel B Sykes 14, a Scholar and daughter Mary E Sykes 1. Also at this address were Boarder Joseph Jackson 24, a Shopman and Elizabeth Hyatt 23, a Domestic Servant.
Number 3 Norfolk Square was occupied by Daniel Moorhead 40, a Master Painter employing 4 men and 5 boys, wife Ann Moorhead 42, daughters Sarah Moorhead 14, a Telegraphist, Mary A Moorhead 12, son Stephen Moorhead 11, Heleirce ???? Moorhead 8, son Joseph Moorhead 6, all Scholars and nephew Moorhead Buckley 16, a Printers Apprentice.

In Norfolk Square there were 4 lock up shops (uninhabited), Number 5 was occupied by Charles Schofield 65, a Letter Press Printer, wife Margaret Schofield 59 and daughters Mary Schofield 28, a Cotton Weaver and Annie Schofield 21, a House Keeper. Number 7 was occupied by Samuel Sykes 22, a Grocer, wife Janet Sykes 22, daughter Ada M Sykes 1 and Domestic Servant Ellen Sykes 18.

Kelly’s Directory
County Court Office (His Honor Thos. Ellison, judge; John Hibbert, registstrar & high baliff; Arthur Moore, assistant registrar & deputy high baliff), Norfolk Square
Garlick Joseph, grocer & corn dealer, 7 Norfolk Square
Glossopdale New Industrial Co-operative Society (Wm. Walton, sec), Norfolk Square; 369 High street west; 20 Charlestown rd. & 8 Hall st
Hawke Robt. Geo. architect, Norfolk sq
Hibbert Jn. & Jsph. solicitors, Norfolk sq
Mawson Thomas, saddler & harness maker, 8 Norfolk sq
Schofield Mary Ellen & Annie (Misses), stationers, 6 Norfolk square
Stagg & Son, wholesale wine & spirit merchants, 8 Norfolk square
Sykes Robert Wooley, auctioneer 9 Norfolk square
Tweedale Jn. Wm. solicitor, Norfolk sq
Woodhead Sarah Elizabeth (Miss), stamp distributor, & registry office, Post office, Norfolk square

Kelly’s Directory
Brown George, caretaker of Masonic lodge, 12 Norfolk sq
Brown Louise (Miss), dressmaker, 12 Norfolk sq
Hardman John, dentist, 11 Norfolk square
Hawke Robert George, architect, Norfolk square
Mason Joseph, deputy supt. registrar, Norfolk square
Mawson Thomas, saddler & harness maker, 8 Norfolk sq
Rodley Sarah Elizabeth (Mrs.), stamp distributor, Post office, Norfolk square
Stagg & Son, wholesale wine & spirit mers, 8 Norfolk sq
Tweedale John William solicitor & superintendant registrar, Norfolk square

The Post Office in Norfolk Square was occupied by Sarah E Redley 44, a widow and Civil Service Postmistress and son William E Redley. Also at the address was her aunt Sarah A Crosland 62, a Domestic Nurse.


This picture was taken from onboard a tram, Glossop Tramways operated from 20 August 1903 to 24 December 1927 promoted by the Urban Electric Supply Company Limited. The old Coop would eventual stand far right with the cast iron and glass canopy.


An advertisment from ’Glossop - A Sketch From The Earliest Period’ printed and published by Messrs. Jenkinson and Hamnett in 1904.


Glossop town centre with electrified trams and decorative street lights.


Early 20th century, the Glossop Co-op ladies on an outing, photo probably taken at their destination. Image from a digital collection by Bert Baker.


Old Co-op building with cast iton and glass canopy. Image from a digital collection by Bert Baker.

Kelly’s Directory
Beard Charles, vaccination officer, Norfolk square
Cemetery (Hadfield) (George Henry Wilson, clerk); offices, Norfolk square
Fuller Edward, saddler & harness maker, 8 Norfolk sq
Hardman John, dentist, 11 Norfolk square
Kenny Mary Margaret (Miss), confectioner, Norfolk sq
Masonic Lodge (Joseph Fielding, caretaker), Norfolk sq
Stagg & Son, wholesale wine & spirit mers, 10 Norfolk sq
Waterston James A. stamp distributor, Post office, Norfolk square

Midland Counties of Englan Trades
Glossop Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd., Grocer/Tea dealer, Norfolk Square
Refuge Assurance Co Ltd., Insurance company, Norfolk Square
Wilson, G.H., Solicitor, Norfolk Square


In August 1966 the Glossop Co-operative celebrated 100 years in business, and a week of celebrations was planned.


Photo of (left to right), old Coop building, Norfolk Square, Nat West bank and the single phonebox. Can you name any of the cars in the car park?


Argos. Photograph courtesy of Glossop & District Historical Society.


Photo taken in 2014 by Glossop VAH.