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66-68 High Street West 58 High Street West
Joe Barber Plumbers Merchants
66-68 High Street West
Sherefe Restraunt
60-64 High Street West
58 High Street West
A&B Shoes
75 High Street West
73 High Street West
Suedeheads / Help the Aged
69, 71 & 71A High Street West
Was Poundstretcher, Ethel Austin and in a previous building the Empire Theatre.

Number 60 & 62 was occupied by George Rolinson 57, a Master Painter & Paper Hanger employing 7 men, wife Matilda Rolinson 49, a Housekeeper, son Joseph Rolinson 19, a Painter, daughter Mary Rolinson 13, a Housemaid, nephew George Garside 10, a Scholar and grandson George Dewsnap 2.
Number 64 & 66 was occupied by William Wright 34, a Master Tim Plate Worker employing 2 men & 2 apprentices, wife Annie Wright 34, daughter Jane Wright 5, a Scholar and Apprentices Ellis Ashton 17 and Morris Ashton 13, both Tin Plate Workers.

Number 60 was occupied by John Thomas Leech 30, a Cabinet Maker & Journeyman, Annie Matilda Leech 27, a Milliner, daughter Mary Ellen Leech 4 and Grace Ann Richards 14, an Apprentice Milliner. Also at Census Number 60, but listed as a seperate property, was Hannah Leech 54, a Cotton Weaver.
Number 62 was occupied by George Robinson 61, a Master Painter employing 5 men and 2 boys, wife Matilda Robinson 59, daughter Mary Robinson 23, grandson John Dewsnap 10, a Scholar, nephew George Garside 20, an Apprentice Painter and James Goulding 18, also an apprentice Painter.
Number 66 and 64 was occupied by Duncan Mackenzie 34, a Bachelor & Doctor of Medicine, Master of Surgery Aberdeen University and General Practitioner, wife Ellen Anne Mackenzie 25 and daughter Edith Mary Mackenzie 2. Also at this address was Kate Maud May Appleyard 18, a General Domestic Servant.

Number 58 and 60 was occupied by Mary Sopia Vickers 40, a Fruitier Dealer and her nieces Emily Vickers 19 her Assistant and Elizabeth Vickers 17, a Dressmaker’s Apprentice.
Number 62 was occupied by Joseph Platt Robinson 39, a House Painter, wife Mary Ann Robinson 38, daughter Amelia Burton Robinson 16, a Cotton Weaver and sons Thomas Robinson 11, a Scholar and George Robinson 3.
Number 64 and 66 was occupied by Duncan John Mackenzie 44, a Fuly Qualified Medical Practioner, wife Emily Ann Mackenzie 35, daughter Edith Ann Mackenzie 12, Hector Mackenzie8 and daughter Christina Mackenzie 10 months. Also at this address was Catherine Charlesworth 26, a General Domestic Servant.

Kelly’s Directory
Parker Thomas, news agent, 60 High street west
Robinson & Co. painters & glaziers, 62 High street west
Mackenzie Duncan John M.D., Private Resident, 64 & 66 High Street west

Kelly’s Directory
Whitham John Thomas, photographer & news agent, 12 & 60 High street west
Robinson & Co. painters & glaziers, 62 High street west
Bamford Clarie & Alice (Misses), confectioners, 62 & 64 High street west

Number 60 was occupied by John Whithaw 37, a Setter, Printer & Photographer, wife Alice S Whithaw 38 and sons Arthur M Whithaw 16, a Railway Clerk and Fred A Whithaw 12.
Number 62 was occupied by Ellis Dewsnap 57, an House Painter & Decorator, wife Hannah Dewsnap 57, son Joseph Dewsnap 28, an House Pinter, daughter Matilda Dewsnap 23, a Cotton Weaver, son Walter Dewsnap 21, also a House Painter and daughter Martha Dewsnap 19, a Cotton Weaver. Also at this address was Eli Wadsworth 18, a Boarder and an Apprentice House Painter.
Number 64 was occupied by Caroline Bamforth 43 and her sister Alice Bamforth 40, both Confectioners.


An advertisment from ’Glossop - A Sketch From The Earliest Period’ printed and published by Messrs. Jenkinson and Hamnett in 1904.

Number 60 was a property with 5 main rooms occupied by Thomas Overend 49, a Cotton Spinner, his wife Elizabeth Overend 48, a Confectioner, married 26 years with 2 children, Charles Overend 25, a Traveller for the Drysalts industry and Harry Overend 20, a Grocer for the Coop Society.
Number 62 was a property with 5 main rooms occupied by Ellis Dewsnap 67, a House Painter, his wife Hannah Dewsnap 67, married 44 years with 9 children (3 died), Joseph Dewsnap 38 and Walter Dewsnap 31, both House Painters.
Numbers 64 - 66 was a property with 5 main rooms occupied by John Bromhall 58, a Harness Maker, his wife Jane Louisa Bromhall 59, assisting in the business, married 36 years with 12 children (2 died), Ernest Bromhall 31, a Paper Mill Worker, William Henry Bromhall 30, a Labour, Margaret Ellen Bromhall 28, a Cotton Mill Worker, Louisa Bromhall 23, a Cotton Mill Worker and Rose Amy Bromhall 17 also a Cotton Mill Worker.

The Empire Theatre was opened in April 1921. It had a stage, four dressing rooms, 1,022 seats and presented variety shows and films.

Empire (Irvine Dearnaley, manager), 60 High street west

The Empire Theatre was taken over by the Provincial Cinematograph Theatres (PCT) chain in 1926

Midland Counties of England Trades Directory
Empire Theatre, Amusement, High Street West

Provincial Cinematograph Theatres (PCT) chain were taken over by the Gaumont British Theatres chain in February 1929. Gaumont-British Picture Corporation was originally the British arm of the French film company Gaumont.


The Empire Theatre might just be obscured by the tree. Photograph courtesy of Mike Hallam.

Gaumont-British along with its sister company Gainsborough Pictures, was acquired by the Rank Organisation in 1941.

Kelly’s Directory
Empire (P. C. T.’s Ltd. proprs ; S. A. Jones, resident mngr.), 60 High st. west. T N 114


The Empire Theatre, the film poster on the left looks like "Street Bandits" released in 1951. Photograph courtesy of Glossop Heritage Trust.


Gaumont, Empire Theatre, the poster in the left poster looks like ’Jack the Ripper’ (1959), middle looks like ’Thunder Over Arizona’ (1956) and the right poster looks like ’Live Now - Pay Later’ (1962). Image from a digital collection by Bert Baker.

The Empire Theatre was closed by the Rank Organisation on 27th July 1963. It was converted into a supermarket, but this has since closed and the building demolished.


Kwik Save Discount Food shop. Photograph courtesy of Glossop & District Historical Society.


Kwik Save Discount Food shop, note the gasometer in the distance, which is where Kwik Save built there new shop some years later. Photograph courtesy of Glossop & District Historical Society.


Kwik Save and Liquor Save. Photograph courtesy of Glossop & District Historical Society.


Ethel Austin, clothes shop. Photograph courtesy of Glossop & District Historical Society.


Ethel Austin. Photograph courtesy of Glossop & District Historical Society.

Google Street View
Shows Ethel Austin


Photograph taken by Mike Tomlinson, showing the changes that have taken place since the phototgraph from 1953 above.


Photo taken in 2014 by Glossop VAH.