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The Spectator - 21 April
At the end of last December, the body of Job Doxey, an old pensioner, was found in a brook close to the Victoria bridge, Glossop. There were rumours that some of Doxey’s family probably had a hand in his death, as they were known to quarrel with him and ill-use him; but there was no evidence against any one. On Good Friday, John Clough disclosed that he had seen the old man murdered: he said that Thomas Doxey, the deceased’s son, and Dawson, his son-in-law, were the murderers. These men were apprehended. Before the Magistrates, Clough stated that he was out with his wife on the night of the 30th December; they saw two men beating and kicking Job Doxey; the couple interfered, but the assailants of the old man threatened to serve them the same if they did not go away. As he was retreating, Clough saw the men throw Doxey over the bridge: one of the men was Thomas Doxey; Clough had at first thought Dawson was the other, but he now admitted that he was mistaken. The witness had refrained from telling his story before from terror: Thomas Doxey had threat- ened him since the murder. Dawson’s family proved that he was at home at the time of the outrage; and the Magistrates liberated him. Doxey was committed for trial.

Potts Henry, builder, 8 North road & Victoria bridge


Victoria Bridge, mid 1970s, photograph taken by Cliff Hales with thanks to Chris Hales.


Photo taken in 2014 by Glossop VAH.