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The aim of the Glossop VAH project is to celebrate, promote and help preserve the Victorian Architectural Heritage of a proud High Peak, Derbyshire town on the edge of the Peak District National Park roughly halfway between the once industrial hotbeds of Manchester and Sheffield. We hope you enjoy this website and more importantly we hope you will share your memories and photos of Glossop.

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"I remember when the shop on the corner of Milltown was still open. I used to treat myself to a quarter of peanuts and a can of shandy from there after school on a Friday. Looks like there was a little cluster of shops round there."

"I played in the Glossop School Band. Every Christmas, we'd play carols in the Market Arcade. There was a shoe shop next to it, where my sister had a Saturday job." - Andy Duncan.

"I remember the siren sounding, late 1960s, at Ellison St Fire Station to call the on call fire crew to the station. Sounded like an air raid siren, parents who lived through the war didn’t like it at all." - @darkpeakbirder.

"Hi, I've been looking for a photo of Henshall's (see 1984 - 26 High Street West) for years! I'm so glad I found it here. This was a toy shop (it's unsurprising there are kids outside it in the photo!) from at least the mid-seventies until the mid-eighties. I used to go there as a kid, mainly window-shopping (I keenly remember the Star Wars toys in 1978 - the cantina playset was in the window for some time and frequently asked my mum for it (in vain!). Thanks for bringing back these wonderful memories." - Nick Tonge.

"I really enjoyed reading the history of Glossop pubs. My wife came from Glossop and she tells me that part of her family kept The Market Vaults around 1900. Incidentally her grandad was renowned Fire Officer Sam Roe in Glossop. Thank you." - Michael Sharratt.

"From 1958 to 1970 this shop (119 High Street West now Tung Fong) belonged to my parents Harry & Hilda Bunting as a fish and chip shop it was called "Bunting's Chippy" and before that my uncle Jim & Rose Bunting had it." - Harry Bunting.

"My great uncle was George Herbert Farnsworth, son of Thomas who was a wholesale fruiterer at 112 High Street West. he married Evelyn Platt. They died in 1972 and 1968 respectively. They had no children but me and my cousins remember them with great fondness." - Margaret Weaver

"Isaac's fortune came not just from his ingenuity in developing the belt fastener and associated products but by turning the factory over to munitions in WW1. He patented a particular fuze that overcame design faults in those previously used. His fortune was further enhanced by two speculative ventures. First there was Jacksons Buildings and then there was The Angus Hotel on the north side of Blackfriars Bridge in London." - Peter Quinn (Great-Grandson of Isaac Jackson)

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