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Edward Street is named after the Lord of the Manor, the 12th Duke of Norfolk, Bernard Edward Howard (1765 - 1842), who took a significant interest in the development of Glossop.

Post Office Directory
Hurst Moses, grocer & beer retailer, Edward street
Shallcross James, shopkeeper, Edward street
Slater Thomas, Temperance coffee house, Edward street
Thornley John, rag & cotton waste dealer, Edward street

Hurst Moses, grocer & beer retailer, Edward street
Slater Thomas, Temperance coffe house, Edward street

Kelly’s Directory
Clover Charles Edgar, chipped potato dealer, 62 Edward st
Dewsnap Walter, painter, 90 Edward street
Lee Hannah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 1 Edward street

Midland Counties of England Trades Directory
Alexander, R., Grocer/Tea dealer, Edward Street
Crabtree’s, Fish & chip potato dealer, 20 Edward Street
Dewsnap, W., Painter, Edward Street
Glover, C., Fish & chip potato dealer, 62 Edward Street

Kelly’s Directory
Moss Danl. newsagt. 35 Edward st
Yates Arth. shopkpr. 1 Edward st
Dewsnap Walter, painter. 90 Edward street
Hazlewood Fras. hairdrssr. 2 Edward st
Burdekin Frank, fried fish dlr. 62 Edward st


The old Liberal Hall with its distinctive curved elevation and elongated arched second floor windows occupies the corner of Edward Street and Railway Street. Photograph taken by Mike Tomlinson.


Photo taken in 2014 by Glossop VAH.