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121 High Street West 125 High Street West
Kathryn Jefreys The Dress Agency
121 High Street West
Kathryn Jefreys Hair Design
123 High Street West
The Retreat
125 High Street West
Heirloom & Derbyshire Clocks
106-108 High Street West
Dowds Restuarant
110-112 High Street West
Naseeb Indian Restaurant
114 High Street West


Center of this photo with the ladders, photograph taken by Cliff Hales with thanks to Chris Hales.

Kelly’s Directory
Buckley Joseph Edwin, grocer, 123 High street west & 52 Hollin Cross lane

Peck George William, fruiterer, 123 High street west
Stansfield Jessie (Miss), news agent, 123 High street west

Midland Counties of England Trades Directory
Stansfield, Misses. Newsagent & high class confectioner 123 High St West

Kelly’s Directory
Stansfield Jessie (Miss), news agent, 123 High street west

Kelly’s Directory
Marsh Wm. Hill, newsagt. 123 High st. west


Newsagents. Photograph courtesy of Cliff Hales taken from outside his shop in the 1970s.


U T Brocklehurst, Newsagents. Photograph courtesy of Glossop & District Historical Society.


Photo taken in 2014 by Glossop VAH.