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Norfolk Square Norfolk Square
Old Co-op Building
Norfolk Square

Norfolk Square
Partington Theatre
Norfolk Square
Boots Chemist
17-19 High Street West

Henry Street
13 High Street West
Norfolk Square occupies a central position within the town centre. It was laid out in 1837 and is the key formal landscaped area within the town centre. Its original design was of an open gravel area. The war memorial is a later addition installed after the First World War.

Post Office Directory
Duke of Norfolk’s Estate Office (Michael Ellison, esp. agent), Henry street, Norfolk square
Hadfield Charles John, surveyor to the Duke of Norfolk & manager of the Glossop waterworks, Duke’s office, Henry street, Norfolk square
Harrison Levi, draper, Norfolk square
Hawke Francis, managing clerk to the Duke of Norfolk, secretary to Savings bank, & agent to Manchester fire & Pelican life offices, Duke’s office, Henry street, Norfolk square
Longson Robert, tailor, woolen & linen draper, Norfolk sq
Sykes William, grocer, Norfolk square
Tomlinson George, wood steward & manager of the Glossop gas works, Duke’s office, Henry street, Norfolk square
Wagstaffe Samuel, beer retailer, Norfolk square
Wormald Joshua, boot & shoe maker, Norfolk square


An advertisment from ’Glossop - A Sketch From The Earliest Period’ printed and published by Messrs. Jenkinson and Hamnett in 1904.


An advertisment from ’Glossop - A Sketch From The Earliest Period’ printed and published by Messrs. Jenkinson and Hamnett in 1904.


Glossop town centre with electrified trams and decorative street lights.

Kelly’s Directory
Brown George, dentist, 11 Norfolk square
Cemetery (Hadfield) (George Henry Wilson, clerk); offices, Norfolk square
Cockroft James, postmaster & stamp distributor, Post office, Norfolk square
District Bank Limited (branch) (Harold W. Sheldon, manager), Norfolk square (T N 131); draw on London office. 75 Cornhill E C 3
Fuller Edward, saddler & harness maker, 8 Norfolk square
Manchester & County Bank Limited (branch) (W. D. Robinson, manager), Norfolk sq.(T N 135); draw on National Provincial Bank Limited, 2 Princes street, London E C 2
Masonic Lodge (Devonshire lodge, No. 625) (J. E. Buckley, sec.), Norfolk square
Refuge Assurance Co. Limited; district office (Charles Astin, superintendent), Norfolk square
Robinson William Duty, manager of the Manchester & County Bank Limited, Norfolk square
Sheldon Harold W. manager of the District Bank Limited & treasurer to the Union & Rural District Council, Norfolk sq
Stagg & Son, wholesale wine & spirit mers. 10 Norfolk square
Wilson George Henry, solicitor & commissioner for oaths, clerk to Hollingworth Urban District Council, clerk to the Glossop & Charlesworth Joint Burial Board & deputy coroner for the High Peak Hundred division of the county, Norfolk square. T N 43


This photo is probably around the 1930s, Bank House on the left with the District Bank sign, war memorial in Norfolk Square and Partington Theatre, right.

Kelly’s Directory
Brown Geo. dentist, 11 Norfolk sq. T N 244
Star Inn (Benj. Jefferys), 3 Norfolk sq
Masonic Lodge (Devonshire Lodge, No. 625) (Geo. Hy .Wilson, sec.), Norfolk sq
Norfolk Arms Hotel (Edwd. L. Smith), Norfolk sq. T N 106
Horsfall Edwd. solctr. & commissioner for oaths, Norfolk sq
District Bank Ltd. (Arth. Sherlock, manager), Norfolk sq. (T N 135); head office, Spring gdns. Manchester
Refuge Assurance Co. Ltd. district office (H. Kellett, supt.), 12 Norfolk sq. T N 322
Wilson & Bates, aerated water mfrs. Howard st. & wine & spirit mers. 10 Norfolk sq. T N 88
Darlington Jn. W. auctnr. & valuer & certified bailiff under the Law of Distress Amendment Act, Norfolk sq. T N 296
Wilson Geo. Hy. solctr. & commssnr. for oaths, clerk to Longdendale Urban District Council & deputy coroner for the High Peak Hundred division of the county, Norfolk sq. T N 43


The Remembrance Service in Norfolk Square in 1958, note the diagonal footpaths and the old road sign.


Norfolk Square in the 1960s. Photograph courtesy of Cliff Hales.


Photo of (left to right), old Coop building, Norfolk Square, Nat West bank and the single phonebox. Can you name any of the cars in the car park?


Once a year the Glossop and District Photographic Society would hold its annual exhibition in the Town Hall. For a bit of fun Cliff Hales would occasionally make a quiz, with some "mystery" photos of Glossop, and a modest prize for the winner. This photo is from his 1974 quiz, photo courtesy of Cliff Hales.


Norfolk Square war memorial, mid 1970s, photograph taken by Cliff Hales with thanks to Chris Hales.


Advertisement for F. J. Clough & Co.


Glossopians enjoying Norfolk Square in 1978.

English Heritage Grade II Listed Structure
War memorial. c1920. Sculpture by Vernon March. Ashlar stone and bronze. Square base of 5 steps supports tall rectangular plinth with swept and battered sides, those to east and west topped with bronze laurel wreaths. Main front has top inscription, "PRO PATRIA". Each front has brass plates inscribed with the names of those from Glossop who lost their lives in both World Wars. Above exuberant bronze sculpture of winged Victory standing on a globe.
© English Heritage 2000.
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Photograph courtesy of Glossop & District Historical Society.


Photograph courtesy of Glossop & District Historical Society.


Photograph taken by Mike Tomlinon, April 2013.


Photo taken in 2014 by Glossop VAH.